2W & 4W & Truck Tyre

Tyres usually have a long serial number on their wall. This long number is an alphanumeric code which is there to indicate many factors such as size, aspect ratio/tyre profile, its type i.e. radial or bias, tyre diameter, and speed rating. Here, two things, tyre profile and speed rating are the ones ignored or misunderstood by many drivers or owners. A tyre profile points out the depth of the sidewall. This is expressed as a percentage of the tyre’s width. A low profile tyre is considered 50% or below that can go down to as little as 30% for ultra low profile tyres. High-performance economy segment vehicles are fitted with tyres having a lower profile.

A low profile tyre does not mean that it is a bad one. These tyres give you greater control and better handling on corners but they also give a slightly harder ride. On the other hand, the speed rating of a tyre is the last part of the serial number. The alphabets on this part range from N to Y. In the same range, there are tyres that have W ratings. A ‘W’ rating means that the tyre can be sped up to 270 km/h. However, this is not the speed on which commercial or private vehicles run but this is the limit these tyres can withstand. In this category, 2W and 4W truck tyres are the popular ones as these are high-quality products, meant to survive extreme heat and friction.

Both the variants are available to us in almost every popular brand. Therefore, you can buy one as per your needs and budget.