Car Tyres

The most bought car tyres in the Indian market are the bias tyres that are high-performance economic tyres. Such tyres are installed in regular cars such as SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. These tyres tend to give an optimal performance at considerably lower prices. However, special vehicles require special tyres. Bigger global brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, and sports cars require special tyres that are designed for perfection and specifically for that car.

This is where experts like us come into the play. Sundar Tyres has a wide range of car tyres for varied applications for almost every car brand available in the country. However, buyers also need to understand the type of tyres they need for their vehicle as per their geographic location and weather conditions. Here is a list of the tyres available as per the weather conditions.

  • Summer Tyres: A vast area of our country falls in the high-temperature zone. Whole north-central region and the western region remains hot for at least 8 months during the year. This way, summer tyres are best for vehicles in such regions. These tyres give a good performance and a grip by using a soft rubber compound. Summer tyres are also employed in sports cars.
  • All-Weather Tyres: These are another type of tyres that can be considered as the most bought ones in the country. These tyres are found in almost every regular car on the street. Such tyres compromise to an extent on quality and balance out the factors such as grip, performance, wet-weather safety, noise, and longevity. They are made out of hard-rubber compounds for increased tyre life.
  • Tyres for Rainy Weather: These tyres use a softer compound than the summer tyres and mechanical grip is slightly lower in these tyres.
  • Winter Tyres: These tyres are designed for working in freezing weather conditions. These are apt for icy roads as they have a larger and noisier tread block patterns.
  • Nylon Tyres: These are usually installed in heavy commercial vehicles that perform long heavy hauls. Nylon tyres employ a cross-ply structure which contains nylon fibers layered in a criss-cross pattern. It provides high side-wall stability to the tyres.