Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen has been popularly used is the automotive industry because it doesn’t support moisture or combustion and it’s an inert, non-flammable gas. Due to such properties, it is used in specialized tyre service applications. In addition, dry nitrogen is used for reducing tyre pressure variations where even small differences in pressure can affect the vehicle’s handling at the extreme limits of performance.

Moreover, nitrogen tyre inflation has extensive benefits. It does not harm tyres and may marginally contribute to reductions in tyre inflation loss by permeation. However, the use of nitrogen alone does not substitute for the importance of regularly checking tyre inflation pressure.

Many vehicle owners wonder why Nitrogen instead of good old regular air. Even the air contains around 79% Nitrogen. The reason for choosing Nitrogen is better tyre performance. This is because air contains 21% Oxygen as well. For owners who do not know the fact that Oxygen causes oxidation which is the absolute enemy of anything composed of rubber and steel such as tyres and wheels. This makes nitrogen inflation a better choice for the long life of your tyres and wheels.

On the other hand, compressed air used by many tyre retailers and auto-shops is even worse than regular air as it adds trace amounts of oil, particulate, and water vapor. All of that compromises your tyre and wheel assemblies. Secondly, due to being smaller, Oxygen molecules encourage permeation and the tyres face rapid air loss. Eliminating oxygen leads to better pressure retention. Nitrogen filled tyres lose way less pressure from permeation. By inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen will maintain proper operating pressure for long.

At Sundar Tyres, we specialize in Nitrogen inflation in all types of car and truck tyres. Our expert technicians understand the expectations you have for your vehicle and the care your tyres require. Here are a few advantages of Nitrogen inflation.

  • Better Mileage: Nitrogen filled tyres bleed pressure slower than regular or compressed air. Properly maintained tyre pressure is essential for good tyre care and a decent mileage. A tyre inflated with the best possible substance such as Nitrogen suffers less wear and tear and thus aids to better mileage.
  • Longer Tyre Life: A Nitrogen inflated tyre wears slower than the one inflated with regular air. This is because Oxygen causes oxidation which in turn makes rubber brittle, increasing the chance of a blow-out. Nitrogen in the tyre blocks the oxidation of the internal rubber and prevents corrosion.
  • A Green Alternative: As nitrogen-filled tyres maintain proper pressure, achieving better gas mileage, reduced emissions and longer tyre life, the demand for tyres could also decrease. This can lead to fewer manufactured tyres and reduced usage of natural resources such as fossil fuel and natural rubber.