Permanent Puncture Repair

Tyre tubes are becoming a thing of the past and tubeless Run Flat Tyres (RFT) have taken their place. This has significantly changed the old puncture repair methods as well. There are DIY plug and seal methods and tyre cement available in which you can plug a soft polymer into the tyre that dissolves over time and completely fills the damaged area or you can opt for more professional approaches. This works great for small punctures but you should opt for professional help in the case of a deep puncture.

There are tyre sealants also available that act as a filler and repair the puncture instantly. However, sealants are not a permanent solution as you need to visit a puncture repair shop as soon as possible. Nonetheless, some products can repair the tyre corrosion and small punctures over time but those are not a permanent solution either.

Extreme situations require extreme measures and of course, professional assistance. Expert technicians at Sundar Tyres have the required skill set and experience to deal with such situations and get the job done in no time. We recommend our customers to use tyre sealants that give you enough time to drive and bring your vehicle to us. This is because running a flat tyre can severely damage the tyre which will put the extra financial burden on you. Our high-quality plug and seal puncture repair methods are great for motorcycle, car, and truck tyres as knowing the care a tyre requires for keep running without any problems.