Tyre Fitting (RFT)

RFT or Run Flat Tyre fitting seems like a regular requirement for most vehicle owners but it requires a certain level of precision and expertise. We offer RFT tyre fitting services that can help you in any type of emergency. Our RFT fitting services include:

  • Tyre inspection to determine if replacement is needed
  • Measuring your vehicle to choose the appropriate new tyre to install
  • Removing old tyres and disposing of them properly
  • Working with specific tools and air-driven equipment to fit the tyre

Our first-class tyre fitting services can benefit you in following ways.

Convenience: Finding a damaged or punctured tyre all of a sudden can be extremely inconvenient. Whether you’re at work trying to schedule in a suitable appointment time, embarking on a weekend trip or being a busy parent trying to juggle children and housework, a trip to the car garage is the last thing everyone wishes for.

However, this hefty and time-taking task of tyre fitting becomes easy with Sundar Tyres. Our highly trained professional tyre fitters can also come to you and take care of all your hassles.

Swift Service: Getting stuck on the roadside with a deflated or damaged tyre is most people’s nightmare. Even if you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic. You only need to call our mobile tyre-fitting service to provide swift and effective solutions. We offer our services regardless of your location, whether you are at home, work or on the roadside.

Safety: If you notice even small cuts or any type damage on your tyres, do not ignore it. We understand that it is tempting to carry on driving but even small damage on tyres can lead to big mishaps. Such tyre problems can be incredibly dangerous. And instead of risking going back out on the road, call our experts. We will send professional technicians directly to your location drastically enhancing your road and vehicle safety levels.

Cost-Effective: Tyre fitting services from Sundar Tyres are cost-effective either undertaking tyre repairs or replacements. With our no-nonsense and professional approach, you will save money on every front. This is because you do not have to miss your work or any other household tasks due to a delay in the service.

Save Your Effort: This is extremely advantageous for people who are not familiar with the process of changing a tyre or who may feel nervous about undertaking such a job at the roadside. Our expert tyre fitters are equipped with the knowledge, skill, experience, and equipment necessary to conduct tyre repairs and replacements, ensuring professional results every single time.